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“Our mission is to create a unique and enriching experience, connecting people through delicious food designed to be shared and celebrated.”


Bruno Laborde, Head Chef and founder of Food Adventura recognized the need for a unique, convivial and affordable personalized chef service in Sydney.

Born and raised in a small town in the acclaimed culinary region of the Basque Country ideally nestled between France and Spain, the tradition of preparing and sharing food has always been intrinsic part of life for Bruno.

Having gained over 15 years experience working in restaurants around the world, Bruno has developed his own uniquely invite cooking style. Fusing traditional Mediterranean dishes with French Polynesia spices, he creates a distinct cuisine that exudes freshness and flavor, and has become central to the Food Adventura experience.

Food Adventura uses delicious food as the catalyst to bring people together and share in the joy of communal dining. At Food Adventura, the meal is served on shared platters and the idea is that you serve the people around you and pass amongst the group at your table.

Using only the highest quality ingredients and the freshest local produce, all meals are prepared and cooked fresh on site.

Let Food Adventura take you on a culinary journey.


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