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Vegan Paella

Spanish rice & saffron, smoked paprika, sofrito, carrot, roasted capsicum, pea, mushroom, zucchini, green bean, broccoli, piquillo and onion with our delicious vegan stock.

It’s often the vegetarians and vegans who miss out on the flavour and show stopping flare when it comes to eating out. There is absolutely no reason for this because vegies are full of flavor, texture and colour. Some chefs have been trained to rely on meat to provide flavor to dishes but not Food Adventura!

All of our paella dishes incorporate vegetables, but this dish, it uses vegies to create a meal that leaves vegetarians the envy of the entire table (and we know that doesn’t happen often!)

This paella is vegan and is cooked and prepared separately from meat dishes so none of the ingredients come into contact with animal products. Our stock is vegan and uses the wonderful aromatic qualities of vegetables and spices to bring this dish to a level that can only be described as vegspirational!

Our sofrito is prepared using our special recipe which incorporates market fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, praprika and pepper with quality olive oil to develop into a tantalizing tomato-ey flavor base.

Add to that our capsicums which we roast to make the most of their spicy sweetness along with a generous and colourful array of vegetables we source locally and in season.

Pair this paella with a Sauvignon Blanc, Brut Cava or Pinot Gris. With all paellas, avoid overly fruity or tannin-rich styles as they’ll over power the flavours of the paella ingredients.

Push those salads and boring steamed vegetables aside, dig into our vegetable paella and prepare to book a return event with Food Adventura!

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