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Have you been wondering what to cook on Christmas Day? While it can be lots of fun dreaming about your Christmas menu, the ‘doing’ of a Christmas Day menu can be significantly less enjoyable.

Picture yourself at the seafood markets in a queue that stretches 20 people deep. This is after it took half an hour to find a park, and you’ve only just started your food shopping.

You get to the next stop and all the meringue cases are sold out, the only turkeys left are big enough to feed 20 people, and you are half way home before you realise you forgot to buy cranberry sauce.

How’s your blood pressure? Why not give the whole circus a miss this year and order Food Adventura’s Christmas Catering?

The other benefit of ordering your Christmas catering from Food Adventura is that it’s prepped by skilled Chefs so it taste amazing, looks gorgeous and is portioned accurately (and generously).

No more flat pavlovas, dry turkeys or mountains of coleslaw (that nobody eats)!

We have ready-to-cook turkey, all trussed up with sage, onion and pancetta and ready to go, honey-glazed Australian ham, ready-to-heat veggies, including our signature decadent duck fat roast potatoes, fresh salads that will actually get eaten (our ‘coleslaw’ is a slaw of cabbage, fennel and radicchio with chipotle dressing and spicy nuts), not to mention antipasto and cheese platters with the best hand selected cheese from Australia, France and Spain, as well as homemade dairy-free dips.

If your family goes bananas for a prawn, or doolally over oysters, we’ve got you covered with loads of fresh Aussie Seafood. From platters of king prawns to Sydney rock oysters and Tasmanian salmon gravlax, our seafood platters come with all the sauces, lemons and trimmings you need to avoid any last minute dashes to the corner store.

For the family sweet tooth (and let’s face it – that’s everyone on Christmas Day), we have homemade mince pies and panettone layered with your choice of artisan gelato and covered in chocolate. This is irresistible to even the grumpiest Grinches!

Orders close on December 16 so choose from the menu below and sit back and relax this December 25th!

We will deliver on Christmas Eve within 25kms of Sydney CBD for a $50 fee, or you can pick up from our Balmain kitchen on Christmas Eve.

Here is our full Christmas menu:

Cold Platters
Ideal to share between 10-12 guests 

Antipasto Platter

Selection of 3 Salamis, Spanish ham, French Brie, hummus, marinated olives, pickles, seasonal fruit, vegetable crudités, nuts, crackers and bread sticks. 

Trio of Dips 

Homemade hummus, green tahini, beetroot dip, vegetable crudités, grapes, olives, pickles, corn chips and bread sticks. (DF) 

Mixed Seafood Platter

12 king prawns, 12 oysters, 500g salmon gravlax, 12 mussels stuffed with tomato salsa, garlic aioli, chipotle mayonnaise, horseradish, butter & rye bread. 

Prawn Platter 

36 king prawns with seafood cocktail sauce, garlic aioli, tartar sauce & lemon wedges 

Oyster Platter 

Two dozen Sydney rock oysters, shallot vinaigrette & lemon wedges 

Salmon Gravlax Platter

Side of Tasmanian salmon gravlax with shaved fennel, capers, Spanish onion, horseradish, lemon dressing and crackers. 

Luxury Cheese Board

Meredith goat cheese, French brie, Spanish blue, Maffra vintage cheddar, semi-cured cabra with seasonal fruit, nuts, Whiskey jam and crackers 

Main Courses 

Ready to Roast Turkey Breast – For you to cook on the day
Turkey Breast Off The Bone (Approx.1kg- 1.5kg) wrapped in pancetta with sage, onion, apple, and lemon stuffing 

Honey Roast Ham 
Honey Roast Leg Of Ham (approx. 8kg) with confit onion relish, mustards, beetroot & gin relish.

Honey Roast Picnic Ham (approx. 4kg) with confit onion relish, mustards, beetroot &
gin Relish.

Baked Salmon (1kg -1.5kg) For you to cook on the day in a paper bag with chimichurri herb sauce, lemon, garlic and white wine with garlic aioli 


Heirloom tomato, mozzarella, peach, tarragon salad
Watermelon, tomato, feta, mint salad with fresh chilli Vinaigrette 
Slaw of Cabbage, Fennel, Radicchio, Chipotle Dressing, Spicy nuts
Mozzarella with roasted red onions, rocket and walnut chilli salsa
Organic Quinoa, capsicum, cucumber, cherry tomato, Spanish onion, feta, herbs and lemon dressing
Roasted pumpkin, roasted red onion, spinach, tahini and za’atar dressing
Roasted cauliflower, pomegranate, toasted almond, raisin and lemon tahini dressing
Beetroot, apple, walnuts, pomegranate, rocket, feta and French dressing

Ready-to-heat veggies

All dishes serve 10-12 buffet portions 

Roasted new potatoes and lemon zest
Roast potatoes in garlic and duck fat
Potato and garlic gratin
Roasted sprouts with bacon, chestnuts, lentils, walnuts and fennel
Roasted mixed veggies


Panettone layered with vanilla and chocolate gelato (serves 10)
Mini Panettone layered with vanilla and chocolate gelato (serves 4)
Freshly made mince pies

Please contact [email protected] or call 0424 962 631 place your order. 

Food Adventure are the best rated paella catering sydney providers. Please see our home page for more information.

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