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Hold on, we are not adding tattooing to our list of services, We are talking about a different type paella, made with squid ink!

Black Squid Ink Paella or Arròs Negre, as it is called in Spanish, is a dish prepared the same way as traditional paella but using squid ink to colour the dish to a vivid black colour.

People often mistake this delicious dish as being prepared with black rice, yet it is made using regular paella rice then adding a small amount of squid ink during cooking.

Squid ink- It’s not just a colouring agent
Even through its most remarkable quality is the bold, rich colour, squid ink also adds a subtle salty sweetness (not dissimilar to scallops or crab) that accompanies, but doesn’t overpower, the other seafood used in the dish.

The striking colour comes from just a teaspoon or two of squid ink.

Squid ink was the original source of sepia inks and its blackness comes from melanin which is a common organic pigment found in plants and animals.

Squid use inking as a way of escaping threats; the ink works to obscure the predator’s vision as the squid makes a speedy escape. So, it makes sense that a little bit of ink goes a long way when added to a dish!

It’s more than just an interesting looking dish
Black isn’t usually a food colouring which many people find appetising, but Arros Negre will leave you very pleasantly surprised.

If you add this paella to your next Food Adventura menu it will be cooked on location by one of our talented paella chefs. The recipe includes wild calamari, homemade chicken stock, prawns and much more. A feast for the eyes and for the taste buds!

At first, you may find yourself scared of squid ink paella until you have your first try. We guarantee you will go back for more.

Create a unique party with affordable and delicious catering for your next event by opting for a Spanish themed party complete with Squid Ink Paella. It is sure to impress your guests with its memorable show stopping appearance.

We guarantee your guests will be raving about your event after experiencing Arros Negre for what will likely be the first, but definitely not the last, time.

Squid Ink Paella: Is it the new black dish?
Food Adventura thinks so! Go ahead, impress your guests and add some extra depth excitement to your next event by adding Food Adventura black Squid Ink Paella to your menu.

If you have already tried Arros Negre we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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