Platters that matter: Corporate catering platters

Have you noticed how the one thing everyone seems to remember at an event is the corporate catering platters? From conferences to retreats, the one thing most people seem to fixate on is the fluffy scone they ate or the extravagant cheese selection at the drinks function.

We know that event management is a complex task and we just want to make your life easy.

Regardless of what dietaries your guests have, or what restrictions you are working with, we have corporate platters guaranteed to delight your guests.

Our Spanish platter is loaded with specialty items including Serano jamon, Manchego cheese, Chorizo de Pamplona, Cabra cheese in paprika. We work with exclusive importers to get the best Spanish cheeses and small goods to ensure 100 per cent authenticity.

Our Mediterranean corporate catering platters are loaded up with vegan goodness – so it goes without saying, they are dairy and meat-free. Homemade beetroot dip, green tahini and hummus served with crunchy veggies and freshly made falafel. The vegans will be stoked and the non-vegans won’t even notice the difference.

For pure luxury, you can’t go past our Seafood platter. Fresh king prawns with homemade aioli, smoked salmon and guacamole dip, ocean trout rillettes with all the trimmings, as well organic butter and crunchy French baguettes. The only thing missing is the Champagne!

In Australia, cheese is served before, during and after a meal, as well as with drinks. Why not make your next Friday arvo drinks or team lunch that little bit more special with a fully loaded cheese platter with six-month-old Manchego (sheep), Cabra in paprika (goat), triple cream brie, Spanish blue cheese, jam, honeycomb, nuts, dried figs and dates, fresh fruit and crackers?

Can’t decide? We can do Mixed platters too. Simply click here and take all the credit for the beautifully presented platters that start showing up at your office.

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