Our canapés and tapas are made fresh on site by our chefs using locally sourced produce and authentic ingredients.

A curated selection of hot and cold Tapas are available, with gluten free and dairy free options to choose from.


These mouth-watering Spanish favourites can be beautifully presented buffet style or served to your guests by wait staff.


Explore our full menu below or please contact us.


Minimum of 30 guests required.

Here is a taste of our most popular options.

On Crispy Bread (Gluten free available)

Smoked Salmon

Dark rey toasted bread | spicy lemony avo cream | dill

Jamon & Tomate

 Light toasted Catalan bread | fresh tomato | 12 months cured Spanish Serrano Ham

Manchego & Tomate

 Light toasted Catalan bread | fresh tomato | 9 months cured Spanish Manchego cheese (Veg)

Jamon & Manchego

 Spanish ham and a slice of Manchego cheese on crispy bread

Chorizo Bites

Authentic Spanish chorizo | chimichurri | char-grilled sourdough

The Classics (Gf Free Available)

Albondigas En Salsa

Beef meatballs | garlic | tomato sauce

Tortilla De Patatas

Gazpacho Andaluz

Melon & Jamon

Rockmelon | Spanish ham

The Skewers (Gf Free)

Brochetas De Pollo

Marinated chicken | chilli | lemon | chipotle sauce

Chard-grilled Spicy Lamb

Vegetable Brocheta

The Croquetas (Gf Free Available)

Chorizo Croqueta

Fresh spicy chorizo | rich bechamel | tomato relish

Cheese Croqueta

Codfish Croqueta

The Empanadas (Gf Free Available) Empanadas are stuffed dough pockets

Empanadas De Pollo

Chicken | sundried tomato | onion | cheddar | ranch dressing

Carne Empanadas

Vegetable Empanada


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