Five winter paella party starters

If you are hosting an outdoor paella party in Wollongong, the Central Coast, Northern Beaches or in the Hunter Valley, you know all about the chilly nights we are having at the moment.

But fear not – a cold night doesn’t mean you have to avoid the outdoors. There are ways of making your outdoor party rock, even in winter.

Here are five ways to warm up a crowd in winter:

1. Slow-cooked lamb paella
This is the newest addition to our menu and we are loving it. The feedback has been 100% positive. It turns out Aussies love the equivalent of a Spanish lamb roast. We slow cook the lamb for 36 hours and let the juices absorb into the rice. It’s pretty special.

2. Fire pit
Available from Bunnings and most outdoor centres, invest in a fire pit or a chiminea to make the outdoors more appealing for your guests. Even better, give them marshmallows and skewers so they can make themselves a little sweet treat while they warm up.

If you’re lucky enough to have a proper outdoor fireplace, make sure you have plenty of seating – hay bales work well, as do upturned milk crates with cushions on top.

3. Hot chocolate station
In the snow regions, they know the power of a good quality hot chocolate made with real melted chocolate. For the grown-ups, why not spike the hot chocolates with liqueur – Baileys, Kahlua, bourbon and butterscotch Schnapps all work well. You can also add spice mix – cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves – or top with whipped cream.

4. Sparklers
While the days of bonfire nights are over, you can still bust out a packet of sparklers to brighten up a chilly night. Kids love them (and so do adults). Outdoor candles also add a touch of northern hemisphere cosiness to an outdoor event.

5. Crocheted blankets
Head to the local op shop and stock up on crocheted blankets – otherwise known as ‘nanna rugs’ or Afghans. Give your guests a blanket when they arrive, pop a drink in their hand and they can stand around the paella pan chatting, hang out near the fire or chase the kids around waving sparklers.

Being outside during winter adds real ‘wow’ factor so long as you keep your guests warm enough.

If you’re planning a wedding, a special birthday, an engagement party or a christening in Wollongong, the Central Coast, Northern Beaches or in the Hunter Valley, make sure you get in touch.

We can set up inside, as well as outside, so you always have the option of turning on the heater! Check out our paella party menu here.

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